by sgtsteiner on March 20, 2013

Have you ever wanted to find REAL Hollywood screenplays and production drafts for some of your all-time favorite classic movies? 

NOT the amateur “re-typings” or bush-league “digital copies” littering the Net which have all sorts of typos and totally incorrect text instead of what was intended by the writer and actually used on-set by the studio, director and actors?

Search no further — Hollywood Script Finder provides AUTHENTIC HAND-SCANNED PDFs FROM REAL PROFESSIONAL SCRIPTS AND PRODUCTION SCREENPLAYS.  We specialize in Older, Vintage, Noir and Near Impossible-To-Find film scripts from our private collection.


Just check out the SCRIPTS AVAILABLE page for a tiny sample of what we have in our archives, then order from us directly at today.

Don’t waste time with hodgepodge trash scripts spread across cyberspace — own and build your collection with the REAL THING.  The screenplays as they were actually written and annotated on their way to becoming all-time great productions.